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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yeah... Masum was happened on 18~26June2011.. Seminggu latihan, dan Gangsa jadik tawanan..apa pun, alhamdulillah syukur!!

Who say, Physicist can't be a Best Goalkeeper??

"If you are the Goalkeeper, it doesnt matter you save the ball with-if you keep it out, it's not Goal!!!"

A week we spend for practise..sumenye pergi dengan 'Redha', apa pun 'we are going to do the Best'..!!

Selepas seminggu latihan...
Kini tibalah masanya bergambar sepasukan..!

Boys @ Girls, doesnt matter... as long as, We are "Handballers"!!!

Our Game were held in USIM... Begin start from 20June...Our 1st game was with UPSI...!!! It was one of the tough game... but, apa pun Coach kata, "Saya tak kira
, Saya nak awak menang Game ni...!!!"...hahha

Stretching & Jogging...before Game!!!

OMG...We are in the Court right before Game!!!

Right after Game...

Yeah, kami menang Game pertama... Tp, apa pun Postmoterm mesti ada.. haha..."semuanya bagus, tapi apa pun Game esok kene Menang!!"..itulah Coach kata...

Selain dari training & game.. kitaowg pun pernah datang sebagai penyokong...hahh

At Last, we Both (Boys & Girls)..We Won!! Even 3rd place... but, its ok for Us.. at least, we bring home something!!

Ok Guys It's time too go Back... hahha... Cepat je masa berlalu... Anyway, nak ucapkan Thanz banyak2 pada Abg Amin(manager), Coach Saiful, Kapten and all teamates... yeah, jumpa lagi sem depan & aim for the next Masum( this febuary)!!!

BrOnze!!! It's Ours!!!!


  1. haha.. aku nampak kawan kau. btw.. UPM menang besar sebab buat kat tempat sendiri. what ever. uitm dapat tempat kedua. fine. hihih
    so, what with the "save the ball"? haha

  2. hhaha.... dah malu arr tu UITM kalah... wakakk... Yup..Save the Ball by Tummy!!! hahha... k... jum bulan 2 nie ada Masum lg....!!!

  3. ak br bace post ni...naseb baik ade gmbar k.ielu..kalo x ..siap ko!..hihi

  4. hahha.. ada jugak arr... cube tengok elok2 !!


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