Me is "PAE"!!!!

Exteremly 21 years goes me stand as FAEZAH FAZAL...Born too be great on..May 25th, 1990..n can just call me PAE..

Me into...universal style...sounds like something, but when u got that lines, it will change u as a person who is ..brilliantly open minded, willing too learn new knowledge and everyday I'll pray to ALLAH guide me to improve the way my life will drive...I Love myself, my way n what i got in life...I love sports, Photography and the most is Lepak...My favourite lepak-places will be at..Mamak stall, Mcdonalds and Old Town..and favourite brand is NIKE!!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

That's why.. we call them MuM..!!!

Why?? we call them MuM..??
Because, They Love too Cry...
Errm, tak tau lah nnti kita semua macam mana..
tapi, inilah yang nak dikongsi... sometimes, just because a small thing they can Cry.. Kalau nak tau picture nie merupakan Convo kakak aku kali ke-2.. sebelum bie pun dye dah pernah pakai suit tu.. tp, hati Ibu kan.. Sebak je rasa bila tengok anak2 berjaya... nak tunggu aku nie?? erm, 3 tahun lagi lah nampaknya...Tp apa pun Congratulation sister!!

"A Woman wears her tears like jewelry" ~Author Unknown

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Here Goes some photo..
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